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A Star in the Gloom – Stardock Expands

A Star in the Gloom – Stardock Expands


Stardock Software, perhaps most famous to the PC Gamer for publishing Sins of a Solar Empire and developing/publishing Galactic Civilisations is expanding, opening up a new games development studio. This really couldn’t come at a better time. With numerous developers jumping ship to the console crew, it’s great to see a quintessentially PC development outfit on the up, especially during the gloom of recession, providing 50 developers with a new place to go – given the number who’ve lost their jobs lately, such as the thousand or so from EA, they shouldn’t have a problem finding anyone.

The team is set to work on an “as-yet-unannounced RPG title”, which could be a breath of fresh air given the current diversity and ambition Stardock have shown with their current development and publishing history. Given Stardock’s emphasis on putting the customer first, the continued success of their publishing and development houses should hopefully demonstrate to other companies that their business model is a viable and profitable one, and one I truly hope they adopt.


Their current line-up is also expanding, with the new Sins of a Solar Empire expansion, Entrenchment set for release on February 11th, and if you can’t wait, pre-ordering gives you access to the beta via Impulse, Stardock’s highly rated, DRM light distribution platform (think Steam minus some of the restrictions – more on this in a day or two.) They’re also releasing the excellent looking Demigod, which you can again pre-order for Beta access.

Stardock is easily rising to the ranks of the PC gaming elite. Their refreshing attitude to business has paid off, and their expansion is set to put them on a path to continued greatness. They’re fast becoming one of the most important development and publishing outfits in the industry, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

Expect a review of Ironclad/Stardock’s Sins of a Solar Empire mini-expansion within the next week or so.