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Our Week in Games – Week 83

Our Week in Games – Week 83

The introduction to this Sunday’s edition of Our Week in Games is going to take a quick glance at some Sony related news bits. First up is word from Drive Club developers to Eurogamer about progress on the much delayed game and micro-transactions for cars. I’m sure some will be up in arms about paying for individual cars, but it doesn’t sound like a deal-breaker as you will still win freebies when progressing through the ranks.

The other, more important news is that Sony are already selling the PlayStation 4 for a profit, something which doesn’t normally happen until much deeper into a consoles lifespan. Additionally, around half of the 7 million PlayStation 4 owners are using PlayStation Plus which adds a nice bit of change to Sony’s bank account each month.

Now the business has been dealt with, why not read on to Our Week in Games.

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