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Garry’s Mod Fretta Competition Winners

Garry’s Mod Fretta Competition Winners

Garry’s Mod is one of the wonders of the PC platform, it started off as a mod for the Source engine and has developed over time to become a game itself spawning user made game modes and mods. One of the most innovative aspects of GMod is Fretta. It is a gamemode base which you are able to develop your own gamemode on top of. Facepunch Studios, the company behind GMod ran a competition to find the Fretta mode that “people want to play.”

Dog Fight

Big cash prizes were up for graps, $5000 for the winner, $2000 for second place with third, fourth and fifth getting $1000. The winning game modes will be added to GMod in an upcoming update with the developers being given the chance to include Steam achievements and get their mode updated as part of future GMod updates.


The winners were revealed yesterday and it is amazing to see what people have been able to make inside GMod. The fifth placed entry, Ascension is a 2D team based climbing mode, in fourth was Prop Hunt 2 where one team disguises themselves as a prop in the scenery while the other side hunt them down. In third was an ambitious title called Dog Fight which sees players fly to the enemy base to steal fuel to power a rocket. In second is Zinger, a golf game with rocket launchers in a cartoon setting.

Trouble in Terrorist Town

The winner is a mode called Trouble in Terrorist Town, everyone is a terrorist with a small number being a traitor. The goal of the traitors is to kill the innocent players using a combination of surprise and special equipment. The innocents have to figure out who has betrayed them by observing other players and putting together the clues found on any bodies you find. The game doesn’t end when you die, you are able to posses physics props and move them around the map to possibly impact on how the game plays out. As long as you have GMod and Counter Strike Source installed you are able to play, just look for servers with terrortown listed as their game mode. You can find out more about Trouble in Terrorist Town here.

‘Gregori Grimoire’ Gets Gruesome

‘Gregori Grimoire’ Gets Gruesome

He do nothing!

Saw this over on Offworld; a piece of GMod Machima involving Father Gregori, some…. questionable magic tricks and a lot of dismemberment. It’s gaming’s answer to Pixar’s Presto, and it’s glorious. It had me laughing at quite a few moments, and is certainly the most amusing piece of theatre to come out of GMod so far. The piece is done by ‘Fancypants’, and it’s excellent. Watch it below the cut.

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