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Half-Life is Ten

Half-Life is Ten

The all time classic that is known as Half-Life is now celebrating its 10th Birthday and it is time to celebrate. Ok so it turned 10 properly yesterday, but who cares about that really? What is important to know is that one of the defining games of our generation has been on shelves around the world for 10 years.

It is a game that has had a profound effect on myself, and I am sure on many other people. I remember playing the Uplink demo and falling in love with it, the gameplay so damn good and I was blown away when I got my hands on the full game. Everything from the set-pieces such as the Tentacle Monster to the Dam along with the story and the fighting was brilliant. Not many other games have followed in the footsteps of it which is a great shame.

The impact that the game has had on the modding scene too is amazing, there are so many mods for Half-Life, and so many great ones it is unbelievable. Natural Selection, Team Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike just to mention a few show the great legacy of the GldSrc engine.

In honour of Half-Life’s birthday ModDB have a little feature showing off some of the best amateur mods, and mods that have become full blown games that were based on what we saw with Half-Life. It is well worth a read and can be found here.

If, for some strange reason you haven’t played Half-Life yet, well it is available on Steam for $0.98 until 12:01 pm PST on November 21.