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Jane Wilde – The Verdict

Jane Wilde – The Verdict

Jane Wilde, developed by LevelBit, is a free-to-play side scrolling shooter recently released for Android phones. The main aim of the game is to survive each mini section whilst completing goals and collecting money to upgrade your arsenal of weapons.

Each level is incredibly linear offering no exploration but in turn offers a decent variety of enemies and weapons to deal with them. Gameplay starts off at a rather dreamy pace and is incredibly easy. This picks up in the later stages when you encounter all the types of enemies and have the weapon power capable of dealing with them. However, getting to the later stages may seem like a bit of a drag to anyone who plays the game for extended periods of time as the gameplay is largely the same sequence of mowing down enemy after enemy with a variety of weapons until you encounter a boss.

The progression system in Jane Wilde is fittingly simplistic for a casual mobile game. Each round supplies you with coins which you use to buy ammo, weapons and damage upgrades. You can also collect bonus ammo and health as random drops during play but these vanish if not picked up quickly. Mobility is often an issue when dealing with multiple enemies on screen and I have lost countless drops due to the slow character movement. The gameplay would benefit from a roll button for extra mobility during the hectic moments when drops are a plenty and enemies even more so. A manual reload button would also benefit the game as often the enemies appear in waves and being stuck between waves with only one bullet in the chamber is rather annoying.

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Jane Wilde has the right mix of gameplay I would expect from a mobile game. The controls are very easy to get to grips with, the gameplay is fast paced in the later stages and gameplay is fluid and enjoyable if taken in small chunks. It offers a survival mode, achievements, power-ups and plenty of enemy types and great looking graphics but even after all of this it feels as if something is missing. Replay value is almost non-existent as each level is essentially the same left to right movement with a different sequence of enemies and occasionally a different back drop. The objectives for each level are only made apparent after you complete it and offer no bonuses to your upgrades or otherwise. Quite often deaths are due to the fact that your character lacks mobility and a manual reload button.

As far as value for money goes, you can’t go wrong with a free-to-play game like Jane Wilde and if mowing down endless lines of undead creatures sounds like your kind of bag then you have nothing to lose here.

Verdict – On Target

Platforms Available – Andriod, iOS
Platform Reviewed – Andriod

Review based on a copy freely downloaded from the Google Play store.

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