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Our Week in Games – Week 146

Our Week in Games – Week 146

Apparently, the football’s coming home this week.

I know a lot about football. Admittedly, the bulk of this knowledge comes from a cover-disk demo for Sensible Soccer which I obtained in 1992. For example, did you know that once the ball has been kicked, the player still has several seconds in which to decide if he wants the ball to curve in one direction or another? Also, if a goal is scored in the final minute of the game, the match-timer breaks and the game never actually ends, condemning the players to play on and on until the final days of humanity or the console is switched off, whichever comes first. Still, at least the crowd will get their money’s worth.

So fingers crossed. I hope the players aren’t doomed to an eternal match without end, endlessly scoring goal after goal without purpose, begging for the final release of death and their nightmarish existence on the pitch to come to a final relief.

But what have we been playing this week?

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