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PC Gamer 195 – Subs Copies Delayed

PC Gamer 195 – Subs Copies Delayed

I just checked my e-mails and I noticed something from Future in amongst my other messages/ Intrigued I proceeded to have a look at what the message entitled PC Gamer Mailing Embargo said.

Dear Mr Evans

This is a courtesy email just to let you know that you’ll be receiving your next issue of PC Gamer on or around the 21st November. The delay is due to some great exclusive content that has resulted in us having to send out your subscription copy slightly later than planned.

With best wishes

PC Gamer

Fulfilment Team

What is this great exclusive content? I don’t know right now, but I am trying by best to find out. More intriguingly PC Gamer Deputy Editor Tim Edwards had the following to say today on the PCG forums:

Patience grasshoppers.

The mag will be with subs either tomorrow or Thursday.

As of right now it is not known if this exclusive content is available to subscribers only or if it will be available to normal readers as well. There are also no details as of yet on whether the regular retail copy of the mag will be delayed too.

Mini-update – following a quick bit of flicking through the previous issue of PC Gamer I stumbled accross the “Next Month” page which reveals that reviews of both Left 4 Dead and GTA IV are slated to appear in PCG 195. This would be the first review of the PC version of GTA IV so it is entirely possible that Rockstar have requested PCG delay release of the subscribers copies to tie in with the general release date of the mag.