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Pew Pew: White Butterfly

Pew Pew: White Butterfly

I died pretty much immediately after taking this shot, mainly because I was in between two of them, both of whom had big fuck off guns.

Another gem unearthed on the TIGSource forums. White Butterfly is a vertical shooter that’s a little bit different, although I’m not sure entirely why. It could be the aesthetics, which are lovely in a very soft curves, deadly plasma way, and that, coupled with the sparsity of colour on display certainly help. The weapons have a very unique feel, even if some of them seem rather generic at first. Maybe it’s because it’s so cripplingly hard, despite having such a vast array of weaponry at hand. Maybe it’s the music.

Lovely, fuzzy explosions.

As usual, I’m quite bad at it, and I didn’t even get past the first stage, despite beating one boss. Funny thing was, though, I still really enjoyed it. There different ship types make it interesting quite a few times, as it creates the illusion that you’re not actually that bad, you just haven’t found the ‘right’ ship yet. There’s one which is locked to begin with, and I’m pretty sure that’s the ship that is the perfect one for me. Pity I’ll have to get past stage three to unlock it. Seems we’ve got a bit of a quandary, huh?

Anyway, you can download it here, and here’s a video of someone who’s unfairly good at the game: