Team Fortress 2: Mann at Work(shop)

Team Fortress 2: Mann at Work(shop)

It’s been a whole year since Team Fortress 2 opened up the Mann Co. store, dividing the player base into those that felt Valve were were placing too much emphasis on superfluous gubbins that had no impact on the game whatsoever and those that look awesome in a bowlerhatandohmygodIMUSTHAVEIT. Whatever you think of the store, it’s been an incredibly successful experiment, for both Valve and the model makers whose items now adorn the majority of games. To celebrate the one year ‘Manniversary’, Valve have launched the Steam Workshop, making it easier for more people to get in on the hat making action – and perhaps earn themselves some real money to buy themselves a fez. Because fezzes are cool.

The Steam Workshop is an improved item submission system, that allows the community item creators to test, share and track the status of their own creations. Even more crucially, it allows the entire TF2 community to browse, rate and offer feedback on all submitted items, so if you don’t think Fezzes are cool (which makes you wrong, by the way) then you can say so. Those items deemed worthy of making the grade going on the item store proper, and allowing the creators to get themselves a piece of the market worth – according to Valve – $2 MILLION DOLLARS in the last year.

On top of this, the Manniversary Update offers 30 new hats and cosmetic items, an “item decal system” and a system that allows you to try out items for a week before you buy them. On top of that, there’s loadout presets and the long and often requested feature: multiple miscellaneous slots. Finally, everything in the Mann Co. Shop is on sale for the entire weekend, until Monday the 17th. The complete breakdown of the new update can of course be found on the Team Fortress 2 website.

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