Teaser Trailer for Tomorrow Corporation’s Little Inferno

Teaser Trailer for Tomorrow Corporation’s Little Inferno

As a massive fan of the work that Kyle Gabler (2D Boy, World of Goo), Kyle Gray (Henry Hatsworth) and Allan Blomquist have all been involved with, I have been keeping my eye on their latest development group, Tomorrow Corporation for quite a while. My constant refreshing of the Tomorrow Corporation site has paid off as the three indie legends have released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming title, Little Inferno. Their new title, due Winter 2012 for PC, Mac, Linux and WiiU is 100% indie and DRM free and will take place almost entirely in front of a fireplace. You really need to watch the teaser after the break to get a feel for the game, but be warned that I could describe the trailer with any one of these phrases: warming, chilling, enlightening, harrowing, joyful, musical, cute, colourful, dark and perhaps most important, intriguing.

A few first impressions based on that are essential, it has the same art style as the cut-scenes from World of Goo, sequences which I absolutely adored, the soundtrack is going to be epic and there seems to be a subliminal message about global warming hiding away in there.

You can find a few more details about the game here, and you can also pre-order the game right now which also nets you a preview of the soundtrack. Hopefully we will have more from Kyle, Kyle and Allan soon.

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