Telltale free game madness!

Telltale free game madness!


Telltale games, those people who seem to keep making adventure games, have hit us with a double whammy.  First, their previously announced Wallace and Gromit games will be kicking off “in the spring”.  Pretty cool news, but there’s more!

The even better news is that you can now get two of their games for free.  Sign up to their newsletter and you could be the proud owner of Sam and Max: Ice Station Santa, or Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective.  It’s not a hard choice, is it?  Pick Dangeresque 3, it’s by far the better of the two, like trying to choose between Keeley Hawes or Anne Widdecombe.  (Dangeresque 3 is the Keeley Hawes, just to clarify.)

You can sign up for your free game here, although you will be subjected to Telltale’s perfectly pleasant newsletter.  You can always mark it as spam if you want.  If you want them both you’ll need a second email address.

4 thoughts on “Telltale free game madness!

  1. Actually, your analogy kinda fails. I already have SBCG4AP: EP3: Danageresque 3: The Criminal Projective, so would pick up Sam & Max. However, if I had Keeley Hawes, I wouldn’t pick up Anne Widdecombe.

    Oh to have Keeley Hawes.

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