Terraria Just Isn’t My Cup Of Tea

Terraria Just Isn’t My Cup Of Tea

Terraria isn’t for me, it isn’t my cup of tea. I’ve been playing it for a few hours, and while I am enjoying the basics, when I look at the official Wikipedia for the game, I realise that I don’t want to invest the time required to get the most out of the game.

If you haven’t played yet, Terraria is apparently similar to Minecraft (a game I haven’t touched at all), just in a 2D perspective rather than Minecraft’s 3D world. With Terraria you create a character and a world then appear in a lovely looking 2D landscape with simply a Pickaxe and an Axe for, respectively, mining and chopping down trees. You chop down some trees, build yourself a basic house, kill some blobs, craft some torches and workbench. Then you are able to craft some more advanced objects like a door and a chair. All very simple, but I was left wondering what else to do.

I talked to the friendly Guide who wandered around and was informed that I could build a house for him and go mining to find more materials to make things with. So I started to dig, and dig, and dig. I found stone and clay and bit of iron ore. I resurfaced and built myself a furnace to create a sword and a hammer.

I mined some more. And more. A few hours later and I had mined plenty of dirt, stone and clay with very little in the way of ore. I checked the Terraria wiki and saw all these magnificent houses that had been built and the variety of bosses to summon and defeat. It was then that I realised that I wasn’t keen on spending the time required digging away to find the materials needed to make all these wonderful objects.

Some people love these games, and I know that Minecraft is wildly popular, but they do not hold any charm for me. If I wanted to build things I would play some Sims or a Tycoon game. Terraria on the other hand, it just isn’t for me.

Has anyone else been playing it, if so, what do you think of it and games of its’ ilk?

4 thoughts on “Terraria Just Isn’t My Cup Of Tea

  1. Nargh! Chris, you ain’t gettin’ it man! =D

    Terraria isn’t about building, or obsessively mining resources. It’s about exploring a randomly generated world. The heart of it is in getting a few friends together, or even just one good companion, and setting out into a dangerous world filled with secrets, mysteries, monsters, and randomised events. The game evolves considerably, difficulty scales enormously and in the 40 hours I’ve given to the game since I was kindly gifted it, I’ve still not explored to the limits of the world, by any means.

    It is colossal, and I was playing on a server with the smallest ‘world size’ possible even then.

    Consider Terraria a world filled with dark secrets, mysteries and opportunities for excitement. Building a comfortable home is only a small part of the game’s appeal, and it is constantly being updated and added to.

    If you’d like a knowledgable companion to show you the depths of the game, I’d be happy to join you.

    – Jack

    1. Jack, good to see you again bud :D

      Hmm, maybe I haven’t “got” the whole idea of the game, but after digging a big mine and not finding much, I just know that I’m not prepared to indulge that much time in the game to fully explore the possibilities. Then again I have spent over 4 days playing Football Manager now and I spent over 500 hours on Battlefield 2….

      1. Give it another chance. I’m ‘zombiegunrunner’ on Steam, come add me and I’ll show you the magic of it soon :)

  2. Yeah comparing Minecraft and Terraria doesn’t make sense to anybody who plays both games. From your article, you are describing why you don’t like minecraft. Terraria on the other hand is the opposite. Unlike a sandbox game (like the current minecraft is), Terraria has adventure content, tiers of armor and enemies, and end-game content. I had achieved the highest level in about 10-15 hours played. Quitting on a game and writing an article on why you don’t like it before you even know how to play the game is a poor choice imo. Won’t find many games you like that way.

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