The 2014 IGF Finalists Feature Amazing Titles

The 2014 IGF Finalists Feature Amazing Titles

This year there is an amazing group of games nominated for awards at the 16th annual Independent Games Festival. The IGF awards are perhaps the most prestigious in the games industry with past winners of the Seumas McNally Grand Prize including World of Goo, Minecraft and FLT: Faster than Light.

The creepy Don't Starve busy scaring me.
The creepy Don’t Starve busy scaring me.

When you see games like Kerbal Space Program and The Yawhg appear as honourable mentions for the Grand Prize, you know there are some big hitters in the running. This year we see the following titles head up the list for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize:

  • The Stanley Parable
  • Don’t Starve
  • Jazzpunk
  • Papers, Please
  • Device 6
  • Dominique Pamplemouss in “It’s All Over Once the Fat Lady Sings!”

While we haven’t covered all these great titles, we have seen Nick deliver his Verdict on The Stanley Parable while I delved into Don’t Starve and interviewed the team at Klei Entertainment. I’ve played a little bit of Paper’s Please and just might have to revisit it ahead of the awards.

There are loads of great titles all across the awards, check them out here and let us know what your favourite indie game from that list is.

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