The Alien Returns

The Alien Returns

The Alien franchise has had a bit of a rocky recent past what with the poorly received Colonial Marines from last year and a downward spiral in the movies as well. Things might be taking a turn for the better though as Sega today announced Alien: Isolation to a string of rave previews all over the web.

Reading the tales those writers had from their short demo at developers the Creative Assembly had me in shivers earlier…


The new tale takes place in Alien canon after the events of the first movie and puts you in the shoes of Amanda Ripley, daughter of the heroine in said film. Isolation is looking creepily good, just watch the trailer below to see.

Knowing that there is only the one Alien on the space station the game is set is one thing, knowing you won’t have access to any guns is another. This could be the rebirth of our favourite Xenomorph that we’ve all been waiting for.

Isolation will launch later this year on PC, old-gen and current-gen.

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