The Blackstone Sun – Special Issue!

The Blackstone Sun – Special Issue!

It’s just come in – it’s true. Our Awful Overlord; the Prince of Darkness, and the wielder of absolute power within our cursed realm has vacated the throne in mysterious circumstances. Quite where he has gone is beyond the knowledge of even his most inner circle. The Lord Himself has left neither heir nor instructions, and the circle of his closest demi-lords convened for an Infernal Conclave, conceding that while the throne is left vacant, each will act as Regent on his behalf until his return. Should he fail to return after twenty fold such Conclaves, he who has proven himself worthy of the position will be chosen as the new Prince of Darkness. This reporter nervously chatted with Marquis Ahriman the Exalted Infernal Cardinal shortly after the meeting at the capital of Pandemonium to discuss to proceedings.

“I was close to the Lord – exceedingly close” the darkly amiable Marquis had to say. “I remember just last century how he cursed me for leading the Legions against the heavens – he was a disgusting example to follow, and I intend to fill the gap in any way I can, and that’s why I proposed we adopt the Regency Code…and if I manage to gain from it – well that’s all the better for me”. Truly wiser words were never spoken. If you can’t gain off the backs of hell’s minions during an absolute break down of order, just what can you do in death? “Oh, I have no intention of giving the denizens a break. In fact, in my lands, we’ve already doubled Pineapple Treatment.” If this isn’t a man we can’t flee from in terror during these brighter times, who can we? We were chased out the putrid residence of the Cardinal Marquis soon after by rabid hydra, and decided to take a tour of the wastes to check out the strategic picture.


In the wake of the collapse of law and order, most of the Hellish landscape has fallen into glorious chaos, with most of the land as of yet unclaimed. It’s likely that we’ll see the next few days erupt in a frenzied land grab as the lords of the underworld make their bid for advantage. The deliciously decadent Srava seems to have the optimum location thus far, having been fortunate to own a town house not only close to the capital, but in the vicinity of numerous places of power. How he manages to take advantage of this situation could give the upstart a much desirable early boost. Elsewhere, the ironically named Captain Sunshine took up residence in his mountain based fortress of evil; any would be attacker would be wise to study the terrain in forming their strategy. DuBhell similarly controls a fiendishly strategic location between two major rivers, including the much desired bridges. In this world of rivers of boiling blood, controlling such locations will prove vital. Krewlandix McHate seems to have gotten lucky when he ejected the previous lord of his manor, being in close proximity to a number of important locations. Finally, it seems King Smiley and Marquis Ahriman are doomed to spend the game horns locked, both being unfortunate enough to start right next to each other, with limited resources. Marquis Ahriman has said of the situation “King Smiley? Penned in like that, between Captain Sunshine and my legions, he wont last long. I’ll have him under boot before you hit the next edition.” Stronger words were never spoken. The Marquis sounds like a fiend with a plan.

We’ll have more from the underworld in the next edition.

(The Blackstone Sun is a subsidiary publication of the infernel realm of Marquis Ahriman the Infernal Cardinal)

2 thoughts on “The Blackstone Sun – Special Issue!

  1. Seems PBEM games in Solium Infernum move along much quicker than I anticipated, and the format for this series of AARs isn’t very apt for the job. So I won’t be continuing this one, regretably. Sorry if that’s upset anyone. Which is probably a little presumptuous on my part anyway :P
    Solium Infernum will be getting a review in the next couple of days at any rate.
    – Greg.

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