The Colonists Confirmed for October Release

The Colonists Confirmed for October Release

In a break from our regular EGX 2018 coverage, I want to take a moment to bring you a detailed gameplay preview of The Colonists by Paul Kilduff-Taylor from the publishers, Mode 7 Games to accompany the confirmation of an October release date.

Of course, posting about The Colonists again just gives me an easy excuse to link back to Kevin’s alpha impressions of the robot (and sheep) themed colonisation game.

I do hope that you take the time to read Kevin’s preview rather than 55-minutes of Paul talking about the game. It’s all about furthering the cause of Reticule Towers after all, and we’re all about the written word, not that disgusting YouTube nonsense.

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I’m excited for The Colonists, although I know that I won’t have time to play it, what with all of my super-duper EGX 2018 coverage. I’ll just sit back patiently and wait for Kevin to deliver his Verdict on this sheep simulator.

Don’t forget, you can wishlist the game on Steam right now.

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