The Coverage of Mac (and Linux) Games

The Coverage of Mac (and Linux) Games

Since writing my article on Mac gaming a while back I have been thinking about the coverage of Mac and Linux games on mainstream ‘PC’ gaming sites and magazines. I am thinking about places like PC Gamer (the magazine and the website) and Rock, Paper, Shotgun along with The Reticule.

The way I see things the term ‘PC’ theoretically covers any personal computer which runs on Windows, Linux or Mac OSX. Why shouldn’t magazines and websites that cover PC games take a closer look at how games run on non-Windows platforms, why shouldn’t they look at the minority of games which are released only for Mac OSX? With Steam now selling Mac titles and many indie developers releasing their games for all three operating systems I think the time is now for places which cover PC games to start taking a bit more time to look at what is happening in our Linux and Mac cousins worlds.

Just take a moment to think about it, PC Gamer and RPS covering Mac and Linux games, what harm could it do? Surely it will simply make people appreciate that there is more out there that Windows based PC gaming. This is nicely tucked away, let’s check the contextual page rank for web design cardiff.

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  1. After writing a big comment I found myself summarising to this – which will do: it’s a different format, there is no point. Many people that own a PC also own a 360 and a PS3, but you wouldn’t expect them to cover that. Stick to one area and do it well.

  2. I would have liked to have seen this big comment :p

    The way I see it Windows/Linux/Mac are all part of the PC family so there shouldn’t be much trouble in covering them all together. Conversely a PC site covering 360/PS3 wouldn’t work as they are totally different platforms.

  3. In the sense that many indie games are released on Mac/Linux as well as Windows and the emergence of Steam selling Mac titles. They can effectively be called PC games as well as you can play them on a personal computer, not a video game console. I may be getting picky on semantics or whaterver mind!

  4. But if they’re released on Mac /as well/ as on PC, then again – what’s the point. Also: how many games (including indie) are released on PC and 360?

  5. Essentially, what I’m saying is: I can see the point of a Mac gaming site, and I can see the point of saying “this is also available on Mac/Linux” at the end of a post on a pc site; but a PC site positioning themselves as “pc mac and linux” is different.

  6. The point is that they never get talked about in the Mac/Linux sense on PC sites and any of the rare Mac exclusives are never mentioned.

    Millions! But the 360 is a different entity entirely to Windows/Mac/Linux

    1. Macs aren’t an entirely different entity to a Windows machine, they just have a different OS – Macs are PCs you can install Windows on (Intel Macs, at any rate). Whereas, if I fire up Haiku on my PC, it’s not going to run Half Life 2. If you mean Windows, say Windows, not PC.

      And I agree with the thrust of the article – PC gaming should mean Mac and Linux, as well as Windows.

  7. I think that most PC gaming websites are geared up for gaming from the windows perspective. I agree that they certainly should mention when talking about a game if it is available on OSX and/or Linux, but I don’t see these sites pushing those platforms. Almost all games that come out for OSX or Linux also come out for PC so it is simpler to do that.

    That said, can’t really hurt to get a mac or linux user to contribute to those sites.

    1. I can imagine PC Gamer covering Mac/Linux in their Extra Life section or doing a report on how to play Windows games on OSX and Linux operating systems.

  8. In indie games there are a lot of games -and I hope more to come in the future- with Windows, Mac & Linux, so it has sense. A lot, in fact.

    Some retails -or digital- AAA games are for these three computers plataforms. Besides there are more common genres between computers than between PC and 360, like simulators, adventures or exclusive to computers FPS (Killing Floor, a.e.)

    Some kind of “mouse & keyboard trilogy” stuff: one game, 3 potencial interested readers/consumers/gamers. It is a nice idea.

    I still remember when I discovere The Reticule -I think it was with a “Korsakovia” article. I was flipping then as there is nothing like that in Spain and I am a 1player HL2 horror yonkie (so thanks, Chris!). The point of this paragraph? The maps, mods and total conversion with (very) good level of production also can be enjoyed in the 3 platforms. Or some future interesting independent projects.

    Sorry for the long point of view. That is why when I play Max & The Magic Marker I run out of ink so soon. :(

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