The Evil Football Manager

The Evil Football Manager

I used to be evil, well and truly evil when playing old version of Championship Manager and Football Manager. I was young, foolish manager obsessed with winning and destroying rival teams no matter what the cost. I will admit that what I did was wrong, it was not the honourable way of playing the beautiful game.

You see, when I was young I didn’t want to lose, I wanted to win, win and you guessed it, win again. I employed various tactics to achieve my nefarious goals, the simplest? Save before each game, if I won the match carry on, if I lost I would close down the game and resume from the save. Rinse and repeat until the desired result was achieved. Of course on the odd occasion I would get fed up with the time it took to load the game and play the match that I would eventually carry on regardless of the result.

Another method I employed was a simple tactic, take control of the next team I was to face, alter the formation for one match only. I would move all the outfield players to the wings and set the ‘keeper to make runs to the middle of the park. This would pleasingly result in massive 10-0 victories. Minimum.

Fixing results was not the only evil deed I was known to perform, as a die-hard Manchester United fan I used to have an in-built hatred for teams like Newcastle, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. I was known to exploit a little flaw in the ‘Release on a free’ option whereby you would pay off your players a wad of cash to leave the club. The only trouble, sometimes the player would say no the day after you click the release button or the board would cancel it. My devious plan would see me release all the players in the first team on a free then immediately resign or retire.

The result of this would be big clubs losing all of their first team players and ending up massively in the red not able to buy any new players due to their lack of funds.

I am pleased to say though that I have moved on from my wicked ways, I play a true game of Football Manager, I accept defeat with a brave face safe in the knowledge that if I end up getting sacked, it happened for a reason. I was shit.

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