The Ghost is Looking Quite Angry

The Ghost is Looking Quite Angry

Text makes for rather dull viewing as a picture.. but there's hardly much more than that here.

Offworld tipped me off to this; Pacman, done in the style of a text adventure. Of course there are limited options (essentially choosing whether to go North, South, East or West when those options are presented), but that doesn’t stop it from remaining tense, fun, and adding a layer of amusement that may have been lacking from the original.

Of course by making the game turn based you’re far more able to deal with those pesky ghosts, but by limiting line of sight I suppose they remove that advantage somewhat. I only wish that once you had been somewhere, it didn’t stay visible. Maybe that would just make it too hard. At least the music is ‘being great fun’.

You can play The Pac-man Dungeons here.

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