The Humble Indie Bundle

The Humble Indie Bundle

Do you want to support indie games and charities? If your answer is yes, then I think you should take a look at the Humble Indie Bundle. You can pay what you like and decide yourself how much of what you pay goes to the developers and the charities.

The bundle gives you five games, World of Goo, Gish, Aquaria, Lugaru and Penumbra Overture along with a free copy of Samorost 2 for all those who contribute. The charities are the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play. Here is a little video to explain more, you may want to pause it at the 1:17 mark, see if you notice something interesting.

So five (well six really) great indie games, the chance to donate to charity, no DRM and you can pay what you want. So far there have been over 80,000 contributions with a over $685,000 raised already. It seems that Linux are the most generous givers having donated on average nearly doubt what Windows users have spent and the average donation is $8.50.

Sadly though, it seems that nearly 25% of the Humble Indie Bundle downloads are pirated. Interesting to read the people are downloading the bundle without directly paying for it.

There is just over one day left for you to get your hands on this amazing deal, pay what you want and you can get some truly great games.

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