The Indie Gaming Roundup – War, Clouds and Kentucky

The Indie Gaming Roundup – War, Clouds and Kentucky

It’s been a few weeks since the last Indie Gaming Roundupp which I seem to do whenever I realise I should be doing something while clicking my way through the seasons in Football Manager. This week I bring word on Warside, Cloud Chamber and Kentucky Route Zero, so hit the break and check out the latest.



I have received word that Warside is nearing the point of being Greenlit on Steam which is good news for this wild looking 2.5D mulitplayer shooter/RPG-hybrid.

There is a new trailer for the game which shows off some of the classes and some of the action-packed combat. The more I see of this little game, the more I am reminded of Strider and The Showdown Effect. It certainly looks fun, but there is always going to be a danger when an indie goes multiplayer only, just read Dan Marshall’s blog on the lessons he learnt from Gun Monkeys.

Cloud Chamber

Cloud Chamber 7

I first shared some words about Cloud Chamber way back in March but today I’ve been sent a link to a new video. In this new trailer, game director Christian Fonnesbech talks about his vision for Cloud Chamber and how games can be used to best tell stories. It is only a short trailer, but worth a listen if you are inclined to think about how stories are told through our favourite medium. There is some more information yonder on the Cloud Chamber website.

Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky Route Zero (part 3)

It is to our eternal shame that we haven’t talked about Kentucky Route Zero since Steven reviewed Act I last year, but I feel it is worth mentioning that Act III has now been released. You can purchase the ‘Season Pass’ on Steam right now at 25% off for ¬£14.24, this gives you immediate access to Acts I-III and the remaining two Acts of the story when they are released in due course.

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