The Indie Gaming Roundup – Wasteland, Concursion and More

The Indie Gaming Roundup – Wasteland, Concursion and More

This week has been filled with emails concerning release dates for a number of indie titles. It is always good to see indie’s getting released, though with the ever increasing number of games hitting platforms such as Humble Bundle and Steam, it is a wonder any of them actually get played, even if they are purchased for bargain basement prices. It is worth reading what Jeff Vogel (Avadon and Geneforge) has to say about the ‘indie gaming bubble.’ Once you’ve checked that out, head back here for word on Wasteland, Euro Truck Simulator and more.

Wasteland 2


Word has it that Wasteland 2 is somewhat of a highly anticipated game that saw great success during its Kickstarter campaign and is currently going through a £39.99 Early Access period on Steam. The big news though, is that the game will be fully released at the end of August this year with Brian Fargo due to show off the opening cinematic video at the MCM Expo in London this weekend.

In a press release that accompanied the release date announcement, Brian Fargo from developers inXile Entertainment made the following comments:

“It’s exciting to be in the home stretch on a game I’ve been wanting to get to for the last two decades. The feedback from our backers on the early beta has been great and I’m proud of the way Wasteland 2 is shaping up. The scope of the game is immense with a word count that is greater than The Lord of the Rings novels and a solid 50 hour+ game experience that has diversity from beginning to end. My goal has been to over deliver on our backer’s expectations for Wasteland 2″.

Did you back the Kickstarter campaign or have you played the Early Access version? Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are.

Project Temporality

Project Temporality from Defrost Games came out of the freezer and landed on Steam this week with a 33% discount to £7.36 until Tuesday next week. I haven’t checked this out in any way yet, but my eye was caught by the promise of 4-dimensional gameplay and singleplayer co-operative. It all makes my head spin just a little bit, but you are advised to imagine being able to control time as you would have controlled a VCR many years ago.

I think my brain would parachute out of my head due to the numerous dimensions if I played this…


I mentioned Concursion initially way back in March and found myself slightly confused about what was actually going on in the game. It proved quite helpful then to check out the latest trailer which shows the various aspects of the game at play. It looks fairly interesting with some nifty mechanics…but the art style puts me off. A petty thing maybe, but that is what is likely to make me stay away. That, and the idea of one game having several game types rolled into one has been done in a slightly different way by Evoland which focused on the RPG side of things. The art direction in Evoland caught my eye which I why I spent a bit of time with it.

Concursion has gone through Greenlight and will be available on Steam and other platforms from June 6th.

Euro Truck Simulator 2


There have been a few small updates from SCS Software recently for Euro Truck Simulator 2 as they have worked on more mini-DLC paint packs. The most recent batches feature takes on Britain, Ireland and Scotland flags appearing as paint schemes on your trucks. Do SCS know something about the Scottish referendum results already and where is Wales? Minor quibbles aside, this is part of an effort from SCS to move the fanbase over to Steam to aid with smoother releases of updates and mini-DLC to generate further revenue. These flag packs are only 79p, you can’t really go wrong at that price for some professional paint jobs.

The team have also released a Metallic paints pack which is shown off in the above video. The pack is free for those who register on official community hub World of Trucks. This pack was released in conjunction with update 1.10 which makes the following changes:


Support for metallic paint jobs
Fixed possible rare hang or crash
Physics parameters of the fifth wheel are configurable in physics.sii


Updated accessories to support paint jobs
Corrected speed limits in Austria, Belgium and Germany
Tweaked prices and unlock levels of some accessories
Fixed acceleration of traffic
Tweaked accessories of traffic trucks (badges, mirrors and sunshields)
Fixed various bugs in truck and trailer models

That is it for another Indie Gaming Roundup, hope you have enjoyed it.

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