The latest trailer for Mass Effect 3 goes live action

The latest trailer for Mass Effect 3 goes live action


E3 kick-started Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 marketing campaign, with a trailer that met with mixed responses. From “really? a turret sequence??!”, to “I want this game now!!!11”. But if you thought that was a slightly odd trailer to start out with, wait until you see this. Fake newsreels, terrible sneering English scientists and not overly convincing CGI overlays are all featured. Although there was one shot that made me think of Battlestar Galactica, I had to quickly banish that from my mind to avoid remembering how they destroyed one of the best sci-fi tv shows of all-time with a horribly misjudged nonsensical finale.

I’m not sure how to deal with live action game trailers. Often with the stylised nature of games, seeing a gaming character being played by a real person is a cringe-worthy experience. Fortunately, there’s no Shepard here, because I fear that if he was present he’d be portrayed by some American beefcake, with the acting talent of a congealed sneeze on a car windshield.

So, what do you all make of it?

2 thoughts on “The latest trailer for Mass Effect 3 goes live action

  1. Almost seems something like you’d get with C&C, though without the humour. hiopefully they won’t feature any live action footage in the game as they would just be distracting.

  2. Wow that is very C&C, did not see them going in this direction at all for the game. As long as they don’t put it ingame, it will be ok.

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