The Legends of Shift 2

The Legends of Shift 2

I’ve been rekindling my love for racing games recently, a bit of Wipeout here, Burnout there, but mainly a whole heap of Shift 2. The reason I have been getting back into Shift 2 is the Legends Pack, a piece of DLC which has really kicked the game up a gear in my eyes.

The pack, which came as a free update to the PC version added in 14 new classic cars along with 5 tracks that were used in a variety of formulas between the 1950s and 1980s. The mix of classic cars like the Ford GT40, Mini Cooper S and Jaguar E-Type and tracks like the forested Hockenheim from 1982 and the truly intense Rouen-Les-Essarts have filled me with joy.

While the numerous modern tracks and cars that are present in Shift 2 provide an exquisite experience (read my review here), there is a certain lack of character to the majority of the tracks and cars. This is no fault of the game, more that most modern race tracks are quite bland affairs and the cars are full of electronics and other gizmos, few look like pure racers.

Taking to a track like Rouen-Les-Essarts is a magnificent experience, while every racing game and its brother features the Green Hell of the Nordschleife, Essarts is one I have not come across before. Thanks to the Legends pack I have been able to race along it, the new tracks in this pack are brilliant, but I want more classic tracks to be featured in racing games, they are so much more enjoyable to race on.

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