The Majesty of Colours

The Majesty of Colours

See what I did here? No colours! Oh, sweet irony.

Just a quicky about a little pixel game I was shown yesterday. It’s called The Majesty of Colours (although they spell it wrong, the basts), and it’s an alternate ending based game in a similar vein to I wish I were the Moon, where doing one or more things results in an ending. The setup here is largely different though, with a little more input for the player. They basic setup is you’re dreaming that you’re some big sea tentacle, and how you interact with people is entirely up to you, although, of course, they react in like.

It is, however, a bit too conscious of itself, and the different endings all seem to be a little.. predictable. You can be good, bad, or fail at either, and while I haven’t found the fifth ending, I can’t see it doing a whole lot differently. Yes, there is a certain impact, but I think the initial charm garnered in the moment when the screen fills with colour seeps away as the story plays out predictably. It is, however, free, and browser based, so it’s well worth a play. So go, play it.

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