The Month Ahead For PC Games – November

The Month Ahead For PC Games – November

Over the past month some massive games have been released, Medal of Honour, New Vegas and Garden Simulator. What can we expect in November? The big dog returns to rule the roost with the upcoming release of Call of Duty Black Ops and our favourite football game comes back for another year with Football Manager 2011. Read on for the month ahead in PC gaming.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

The latest Call of Duty comes out on the 9th of November and will undoubtedly be one of the biggest game launches this year, all thanks to carrying the name Call of Duty, a title people associate with games like Modern Warfare. Things may be a bit different this time around though as Black Ops is coming from Treyarch, the team who made World at War, a game which I was decidedly unimpressed with two years ago. The consensus is that it was Infinity Ward who made the better Call of Duty games, and based on my experiences with World at War, I’m not holding my breath for Black Ops being a world beater.

Of course I could well be wrong and Black Ops could be one of the best games to come out this year, and it certainly seems like they are willing to make an effort with the PC version, Steamworks is being used which always gets a thumbs up from me and Treyarch have made promising noises about dedicated servers and modding tools. I’m going to have to play this just to see if Treyarch have managed to stamp their own identity on the game rather than copying what Infinity Ward did.

Football Manager 2011

I was fortunate enough to get some hands on time with Footy Manager 2011 recently and I must say I was very impressed with some of the changes and tweaks SI have made to the game. The Football Manager games are always exceptionally popular and with good reason, they are extremely addictive, more so than Civilization games. The only complaint people can have is that not enough is changed in each edition of the game; fortunately I don’t think this year’s version will suffer the same fate with the inclusion of conversations and long-term reputation changes making a big difference to how people will play the game. My goal will be to take a lowly Welsh Premier club to the top of Europe and sign some of the best players in the world.

The Rest

With those two games dominating November there are a few other games that are worth keeping an eye out for, namely Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and HAWX 2. Hot Pursuit takes Need for Speed back to its roots with a Cops vs Racers theme, it is being developed by Criterion, masters of the Burnout series so there is some potential there. I just get the feeling it will fade into the background like so many racing games do, Blur being just one example. HAWX 2 meanwhile is getting a slightly delayed PC release, but after the disappointment I had with the original, I am not quite sure how good this one will be. I don’t know how much longer the Tom Clancy name can be used to sell a game. Looking beyond the new Bond game from Activision and Farming Simulator 2011 we have Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga, a title which bundles Ego Draconis and the expansion Flames of Vengeance together with new quests and overhauled graphics. I enjoyed Ego Draconis, but there was just too much grinding involved to get much beyond the opening two areas of the game.

That is a brief selection of what we can expect in the month ahead, I can’t wait for Football Manager, what are you all looking forward to?

4 thoughts on “The Month Ahead For PC Games – November

  1. On the contrary, Treyarch at least have a soul. They’re given pretty harsh deadlines and don’t get to make the games they ‘want’ to make, financial necessity being what it is after their awesome looking Dead Rush was cancelled on the previous generation of consoles.

    IW made painfully serious Man Shoot Man Military Stylin’ games.. Treyarch were paid to fill in the gaps between for maximum soulless profit, but still managed to jam in an artistically beautiful and very entertaining zombie mode with World At War – and before you shoot it down, take a look at the sheer variety of visuals and animations applied to their zombies, and the atmosphere they manage to inject into those maps, and admit at least that they have some spirit in there. They don’t seem to much care for the games themselves – it’s a job. But when they were allowed to get back to Zombie stuff so many years after their last independent project was shelved, you can see the love they poured into it.

    Best undead I’ve seen in a game since Resident Evil 2 ;>

    1. Hmm I dunno, I would like to see what Treyarch can do outside of the Activision umbrella, but World at War was such a let down for me, it had so much potential yet felt like a really lazy game. I never explored the Zombies so can’t comment on them.

  2. I’m really looking forward to Black Ops in truth. I know it’s something of a taboo in some PC circles to admit you like the (current) Call of Duty games, but I don’t think the current market has a more consistently entertaining and varied arcade type fps.

    A few years ago we had a wealth of multiplayer FPS’es from the likes of ID and Epic, but now the only really solid fast paced mp shooter is Team Fortress 2 (or CS). I enjoyed BFBC2 but it didn’t keep my attention for particularly long, whereas the recent COD games have that addictive compulsion to keep playing.

    1. I am hoping that Black Ops can prove to be a great game, I’m just not holding my breath for it. I really enjoyed the first Modern Warfare, the second was lacking I felt and was just riding on the success of the first one. I’m talking single-player really here.

      Nothing in my mind though can beat CoD 1/2, they were two truly great games that managed to break from the lone-hero mentality of Medal of Honour.

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