The Nameless Mod Released

The Nameless Mod Released


After seven long years of development The Nameless Mod has been released. Developed by Off Topic Productions this massively detailed Deus Ex mod can now be downloaded.

TNM contains two unique storylines, both of which contain about 15 hours of gameplay. There are over 50 non-linear levels, over 70 different characters and a staggering 14 hours of fully voiced dialogue. This is quite some feat for a mod from this independent development team, and according to Richard Cobbett it is very, very good.

This is a list of just some of the features you will find in TNM:

  • 30 hours of gameplay split between two completely unique and parallel storylines
  • Amazing voice acting adding up to 14 hours of spoken audio
  • More than 200 unique characters
  • More than 4 hours of brand new music
  • Over 30 unique maps, ranging from city slums and caves to high-tech laboratories
  • 4 main endings and a detailed epilogue
  • More than 20 new weapons
  • Hundreds of all-new high-resolution models
  • Hunderds of readable e-mails, books, newspapers, notepads, and digital storage devices
  • Incredibly deep game world reactivity and player freedom
  • Strongly based on Deus Ex’s highly praised core gameplay

Lead designer Jonas Waever said this when announcing the availability of TNM:

“We’re extremely excited to finally unleash this 7 year labour of love on gamers everywhere. Even 9 years after release, Deus Ex has few equals. We feel that we’ve succeeded in playing to its strengths, while still creating a unique, immersive new experience”

Head on over to the TNM site for more information.

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  1. I just wanted to say if you haven’t played Deus Ex yet then (INSERT HYPERBOLE HERE). Seriously. Scratches every itch. So fulfilling…

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