The Naval War Kicks off In Wargame Red Dragon

The Naval War Kicks off In Wargame Red Dragon

I first talked about Wargame: Red Dragon at the tail end of February where I bemoaned the fact that the Red Dragon of the title has nothing to do with the Welsh dragon. It still gripes me, but I am somewhat appeased by news that you can pre-order the game now on Steam which will grant you exclusive access to the multiplayer beta which will kick off in the coming days. It might face some competition from Titanfall and Dark Souls II, but sometimes people need an RTS to keep them company.

This news of beta access for those who pre-order wouldn’t be complete without a new trailer. It does a great job of showing off the new naval combat, but unless it features $1000 giant squid or the $500 dolphin, I just don’t see how it will ever live up to my (retro) expectations.

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