The New Look

The New Look

A Simple Logo for a Graphic Genius of a bloke. Thanks Orb, we REALLY appreciate it! (No sarcasm there.)

So here it is, resplendent in it’s glory. It’s been in the works since before the new year (well, obv.), and now we finally get to activate it. Expect a few things to change, mainly bugs and the like, but this is the crux of the theme from now until we find a brilliant new web designer to make us a new one (only kidding!). All of our gratitude goes to Orb for making us this theme, which took a hell of a lot of work, and will probably have him shackled to us for years to come fixing minor things, but in the end I’m sure it’ll look good on his CV. His company, Kurvemedia, can be found here. They do bloody good work, and if you ever need a site design, including wordpress now, please contact him, he’s a bloody good bloke, not least because he did all this for us. If you have any suggestions about how we can make the site better, please let us know, but we think this really is an improvement on the old design. Enjoy it folks!

10 thoughts on “The New Look

  1. Some bugs I have found –

    1 The Comments button for each post does not take you to the comments section of that post, but attempts to take you to
    2. the pictures on the main page don’t seem to load in IE7, even after multiple ctrl f5s. They work fine after ctrl f5 in firefox 3.

  2. I keep finding more bugs sorry!
    None of the pictures in the Scoring System page work, and return Page Not Found errors if I attempt to go to them manually. Same with the About Us page.

  3. Ok, most of those bugs have now been fixed. If there’s anything else you guys find, let us know!

    Thanks for the heads up so far, hope you like the new design!

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