The Paradox Gamescom Roundup

The Paradox Gamescom Roundup

I am a massive fan of the work that Paradox do, they release some really innovative titles, and while I may not love them all, their dedication to the PC market is heart-warming. They have had a busy week at Gamescom with two new game announcements and a couple of trailers for already revealed games. Hit the break for a quick rundown of what they have been showing off.

This is Europa Universalis IV the latest in a series of grand strategy games which will give you 300 years of game time with an enhanced and more flexible nation building system and something known as Monarch Power where a leader’s traits will directly impact on the way the world changes.

Cities in Motion 2 was the other new game revealed this week, coming in Q2 2013 this transport management title will feature co-op and competitive multiplayer modes and many more vehicles to unleash on the public transport system of your city.

This is the latest trailer for Impire which looks quite interesting, but I am looking forward more to A Game of Dwarves which looks great.

You can’t say they haven’t been busy, especially as the beta for War of the Roses has just kicked off. I might just have to try and sneak into that one.

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