The Reticule at Eurogamer Expo = Drinks

The Reticule at Eurogamer Expo = Drinks

A few of us here at The Reticule are heading into London town in September for the Eurogamer Expo. While we are looking forward to getting to play some great games and (hopefully) interview some legendary developers, it also gives us the chance to meet up with some of you lovely readers who will also be attending the event.

A simple Google maps search reveals hundreds of different pubs in the vicinity of Earl’s Court, this poses something of a problem for a bunch of non-Londoners (and in my case and non-Englander) so we want some recommendations of where we should meet up for drinks and such like. If we get a large group of people together, we may even look to hire a room for the evening to keep our gaming-talk away from the normal people. We are thinking about drinks on either Saturday 24th or Sunday 25th September.

Thoughts and suggestions please kind folk.

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