The Reticule at Rezzed

The Reticule at Rezzed

E3 2012 was criticised by many for being bland, overhyped and predictable. None of these adjectives describe Rezzed, a PC and Indie games show set up by Eurogamer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun. This year our very own Jordan Harling attended. Here are some of his highlights.

Prison Architect

Born from the remnants of the now cancelled Subversion, Prison Architect is an upcoming resource management game from Introversion Software. The goal is to create a perfect prison where order can be kept.

What makes the game stand out is the AI running in the game. Originally built for Subversion, Prison Architect has AI characters which interact believably with one another. The game is planned to go into alpha this year and it’s one to look out for.

ShootMania Storm

Though it was largely overshadowed at the conference ShootMania Storm is admirably pioneering eSports. With the help of pro-gaming group Team Dignitas, developers Nadeo are creating an FPS designed to become a leader in the field of eSports. The focus has not only been on making a game that is fun to play but one that is also easy to broadcast and enjoyable to watch.

It’s difficult to tell whether the game will succeed but if it does then it may be the first step in making games a popular spectator activity and could change the way many approach gaming.


A mindbending indie game created by Alexander Bruce, Antichamber is the gaming equivalent of an M.C. Escher painting. The game world constantly changes and forces you to think in the most abstract ways to progress. Physics and rules are altered in every room and the puzzles are fiendishly difficult. It’s a game almost impossible to describe yet engrossing to play.

Day Z

Day Z was by far the most talked about game at the event. It’s booth was constantly overflowing, despite not showing anything new and being a mod and not technically a game. The creator Dean Hall announced that he hoped to change that though and make the mod into a full standalone game using a “Minecraft-like model,” releasing the game while still developing it.

Far Cry 3

Before attending Rezzed I did not expect my favourite game at the event to be a triple-A FPS. Yet Far Cry 3 managed to make that the case. Its abstract storytelling and psychological twists made the game one of the few triple-A games that seem to be unique. This coupled with some solid game shooting mechanics makes Far Cry 3 a game to look out for in the future.

These were just a few of the many games at Rezzed honourable mentions also have to go out to Gunpoint, a game in which you have to rewire electronics to infiltrate buildings; Qube, a block puzzler with a Portal-esque aesthetic; Hotline Miami, a top-down shooter with an ’80s feel and Tengami, a beautiful puzzler for iOS devices.

The games on show at Rezzed showed the side of gaming that many people forget, the innovative, the eccentric and, often, the insane. It’s the perfect antithesis to E3’s bland blockbusters and it shows that gaming innovation is still thriving.

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