The Reticule in 2015

The Reticule in 2015

We here at Reticule Towers have crunched the numbers, and last year was a record year for our site. We broke records across all of the metrics, and looking forward to the rest of 2015, we have made some bold decisions. Read on dear readers, read on.

Let’s deliver on those record breaking figures for the last year:

  • We had over 7 billion unique visitors in 2014
  • Each of those 7 billion visitors visited the site once a day for a total of….a huge number of page visits over the course of the year
  • Our most popular article from last year was a Steam Weekly Specials roundup from Kevin in March which on its own accounted for a third of our total page impressions. People were excited to read that The Walking Dead Season 2 had received a 33% sale.
  • Our Facebook page received more Likes and Comments than One Direction, UKIP and Kim Kardashian combined
  • While our Twitter was voted Best Indie Twitter Account by the Dorito and Mountain Dew Video Game Award Show
  • Our YouTube channel kicked into gear with only Kevin’s personal channel receiving more views over the year

Despite these record breaking figures, we’ve decided to take a slight change in approach to the rest of 2015. We’re going to revisit the raison d’être of the site from when we launched in November 2008, just with the continue multi-platform chatter we’ve had since the 2011 relaunch.

Here on The Reticule we want to avoid the easy task of just churning out the same news, there are thousands of other sites that can do that for us. Instead, we base our reputation on fine writing, intuitive thoughts and hell, maybe even some stuff that will cause riots. We do reviews, but we don’t call them that, for us they are our ‘Verdicts’ and you can find out more about our scoring system here.

In our successful quest for world domination last year, we had moved away from what we enjoyed in the process of writing about games. We chased the news too much and stopped enjoying what we were playing and writing about. We promise you, our dear readers, to return to more a retro-Reticule style of freedom of expression. If we don’t feel like giving a game a definitive Verdict, we will simply just talk about our experiences and thoughts on it from the heart, without the pressure of deciding what Verdict it deserves.

We hope this will create a more friendly, and less dystopian Reticule, and hopefully you will all join us on this wild ride of ours. And if you want to join our team of intrepid writers, drop us a line at contact [at] thereticule [dot] com and we will take your contact into consideration.

Thank you for reading.

Chris, Jon, Kevin and Nick
The Reticule Team

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