The Reticule (Not at) E3 – Zelda (!)

The Reticule (Not at) E3 – Zelda (!)

One of the biggest items to come out of the Nintendo event at E3 was something I didn’t cover yesterday. That is, of course, all things Zelda with both Hyrule Warriors and the all new, open world, The Legend of Zelda being shown off. What else do you need to know? Hit the jump for the videos and some words…

Hyrul Warriors

We’ll start off with the ‘lesser’ title, the Dynasty Warriors spin-off that many die-hard Zelda fans probably decried when they first heard about it last year.

Not being a signed up member of the Zelda die-hard fan club allows me to take a look at the game from a different perspective. I see this as an exciting new turn for the franchise, and more importantly, one that is coming out this year. It might give newcomers to the series a feel for the world (distorted that it will be) and it will also be a enjoyable romp through massive hordes of enemies.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect it to be a Game of the Year contender, but it is at least something that I will be keeping on my radar.

The Legend of Zelda

This was the moment of Nintendo’s E3 in my opinion, if they hadn’t pulled this out of the bag, I think we would have known that Nintendo were pulling the plug on the Wii U already.

Despite the positive reception the announcement received in general, I have to say that I am gutted we only got a vague 2015 release date. While I wouldn’t want to see Nintendo rush The Legend of Zelda, especially as it is now an open world title…I was really hoping it would be coming out this side of Christmas.

I am all for Nintendo releasing top quality games, just take a look at Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8, but I find myself thinking that their entire strategy with the Wii U was under developed from the off. Despite some of the positive signals I talked about before E3, their E3 event left me feeling like this is a company sleep-walking into a downward spiral.

That is enough talk on the wider context for Nintendo as I am still really excited for a new Zelda, especially an open-world one. We only got a small glimpse of things in their E3 event, but it already has me excited.

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