The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 2012 Liveblog – EA

The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 2012 Liveblog – EA

Next up, EA’s contribution to E3. We can certainly expect Dead Space 3, some Battlefield news, and some footage from Crysis 3 alongside the usual sports updates – but maybe there are a few surprises in store?

Whatever happens, feel free to chime in with your comments and thoughts in the comment section below, and stand by for both stream links alongside some liveblogging powered snark.
As we discovered during our last Liveblog, we may be suffering technical issues with our liveblogging software, if that’s the case please refresh your browser manually and again try to accept our apologies, which we will carve onto ourselves later using jelly and ice cream. Delicious retribution.


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