The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 2012 Liveblog – Microsoft

The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 2012 Liveblog – Microsoft

Has it been a full year already? Allow me to welcome you once again to another year of manic obsessiveness, hootin’ and hollerin’ and awkward simulated families on stage to promote another stack of gaming goodness exploding all over our synapses in another E3 megasplosion.

Once again, I intend to offer live commentary on the big conferences while sitting in the relative safety of my home office while watching the streams via the intertubes, and you guys are more than welcome to join me – we’ll hopefully be having some of the streams right here on the Reticule where possible. And right here you can laugh, moan and possibly groan at my horrible puns as I try to provide an entertaining running commentary of the conferences right here via the magic of live-blogging.

UPDATE: We’re having some problems with our Liveblogging software, so the liveblog may not auto refresh. If this is the case, open this window in a new tab in your browser and refresh it manually for updates while watching the stream in the original one. Apologies.

We kick off with Microsoft, and we already know we’re going to see Halo 4, Tomb Raider and Gears of War: Judgement to name but a few – will there be any surprises? There’s only one way to find out…


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