The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 – Sony Conference

The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 – Sony Conference

To say Sony have had a rough few months is a bit of an understatement. But hopefully with the incident now largely behind them, E3 is going to be the best opportunity to show how exactly the brand is going to win back fans and re-establish it’s position as a top player in the games industry. Whether it will actually manage that remains to be seen, but we do know the NGP and Uncharted 3 are two of the tools on show during tonight’s conference, that might go someway towards that, along with a host of other titles. So without further ado:

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One thought on “The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 – Sony Conference

  1. That PS-tv with different screens for different players is surely powered by black magic.

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