The Reticule Turns 10 – An Introduction

The Reticule Turns 10 – An Introduction

In a little over a week, The Reticule turns 10! Yes, on the 5th November 2008 The Reticule was launched with a bang. Well, considering we started out on the 5th November, that day of gunpowder, treason and plot, we probably should have started out with something more emphatic than just a small “Hi world” post. Oh, the joys of youth!

I won’t go into a full potted history of the site, or how the world of games journalism has changed. I’ll save that for another day soon. But, as it is our 10th Birthday coming up, we didn’t want to let it pass by without some celebration of the past decade.

There might be some old faces showing up for one last ride, I’ll be back with an Editor’s Blog of inordinate rambling length, and we’ll also collectively take a look back at some of our favourite games and moments of the last ten years.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy what we will have coming for you over the coming week.

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