The Signal From Tölva – Nearly Here!

The Signal From Tölva – Nearly Here!

Good news everybody! The Signal From Tölva, the upcoming sci-fi open-world shooter from Big Robot is nearly with us! Coming out on Monday 10th April, I’m a teeeny, tiny bit excited for it! I played it at EGX last year and loved it, and the most recent trailer advertising the release date just builds up the excitement.

Perhaps what I’m most interested in though is the sci-fi elements, and finding out why Tölva is like this, and what other sentient beings might be playing a part in controlling what is happening on this robot filled land.

It’s good then that there will be a RPG-style sourcebook available as a PDF with the game. From my discussions with Jim Rossignol at EGX, I am extremely excited to read this and learn more about Tölva. The team at Big Robot are still working on confirming plans for releasing a hard copy version of the book.

It’s not long now, keep your eyes on the Steam page, official site and the Big Robot twitter for all of the details.

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