The Sniper Update is a Lie!

The Sniper Update is a Lie!

The Spy!

We were duped, the lot of us, that damned Spy fooled us all into thinking we were getting a Sniper update whilst all along he had his own update coming.

If you didn’t quite catch that, then let it be known that next Thursday both the Sniper and the Spy will be receiving some big updates. Never before have Valve treated us to a double class update, but this is the perfect opportunity for it, these two classes are very delicately balanced, more importantly they are balanced against each other. Doing the update this way ensures neither class will have a massive advantage over the other between updates and it also means, come update day, that players will be split between the classes. Hopefully then we won’t have a repeat of previous updates where everyone playing TF2 is playing as the same class.

Feel free to argue over which class is getting the best package of updates whilst I sit back and stroke my flamethrower…not an innuendo you sick freaks!

5 thoughts on “The Sniper Update is a Lie!

  1. Indeed, I will also be cracking out the ol’ flamethrower for this update – can’t wait. The spy’s two new watches (is the cloak and dagger replacing the old one, or are there going to be three?) look pretty interesting – I’m not yet sold on how useful the Razorback or Huntsman will be, though. But that may be simply because I despise snipers to my very core. If the Razorback doesn’t electrocute pyros, I don’t care either way.

  2. I don’t particularly think I will make use of the Sniper unlocks, and I never go Spy either, so that doesn’t really affect me either. I am Pyro to the core, so as long as I still get to flame, then I am nice and happy :)

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