The Stanley Parable Demo Released

The Stanley Parable Demo Released

This is an article that, as you read it, informs you that a demo for The Stanley Parable has been released on Steam.

As you reach the second paragraph, you will begin to think something might be up. Perhaps the author is exhausted after a long day at work? Perhaps as he’s typing, he’s wondering just what he’s doing writing a short news piece as opposed to being out and getting drunk with friends? Perhaps he is drunk, and having stumbled back into the house, spotted The Stanley Parable’s demo on Steam and decided that despite his alcoholic stupor, he should sit down and write something about it?

By this point, the author will have already informed you of the main point of the article and now be adding some additional information to really spark your interest. You will read about the Stanley Parable demo and its truly extraordinary and unique nature, both as a demo and a piece of art, and decide that there is no possible way that it can live up to the expectations laid out in such a brief article.

You remember that the full game of The Stanley Parable will be out in just over a week anyway, but despite your misgivings, you follow the provided link to the demo and download it anyway, just to put your mind at rest.


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