The Swindle – Cyber-Steampunk Crime Game Incoming

The Swindle – Cyber-Steampunk Crime Game Incoming

Dan Marshall of Size Five Games has described his newly announced title, The Swindle as being “Spelunky crossed with Deus Ex“…which sounds like something I, and everyone else, should be paying attention to. I’ll also add that I get a feeling of a mix between Monaco and Gunpoint from The Swindle in the reveal trailer, hit the break to check it out.

Set in a steam powered version of 1849 London, it has an interesting mix of classic Victorian styles with cyberpunk hacking and a promise of themes such as body modding also sneaking in. Every level will be procedurally generated, so you won’t know what to expect when you descend from your airship base in the sky. You hire thieves who will scarper around the levels stealing money for (I presume) the upkeep of your airship and to keep yourself supplied with smoking pipes and slippers. If one of your thieves die out in the mean streets of London, they will be lost forever. However, you are able to upgrade these miscreants with new abilities to help them survive and steal.

At the moment, Dan is still working on the balance of different features while straddling the fine line between Roguelike and RPG. In turn, we can’t expect release until next year with a PC release “a good bet” and some potential to sneak onto some Sony platforms, though nothing is confirmed yet.

If you want more information, just check out this page.

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