The Taken King Gets a Launch Trailer

The Taken King Gets a Launch Trailer

It always seems odd to me when a launch trailer is released for a game more than a handful of days from release. Even more so when said trailer comes a full two weeks ahead of the launch of the game. Yet I still tend to watch them, out of an ingrained curiosity and the chance to get a glimpse (after all the other trailers that have already been and gone) of the action one last time before launch. If there is one thing that will get me more excited to see a launch trailer than normal though, it is when you read that the trailer is backed up by a great rock song. So here we are with the launch trailer for The Taken King, the upcoming massive expansion for Destiny, backed up by the mighty Black Dog by Led Zeppelin.

It is interesting to see the diverse range of views when you mention that you are playing Destiny to people. One friend of mine, who played the game a hell of a lot at launch, commented his surprise that “I fell for that?” when I told him I was looking forward to The Taken King. And yet, as I mused about the upcoming expansion back in August, having spent quite a bit of time away from the game before returning over the past few weeks, I don’t feel the same level of cynicism towards Destiny.

That’s probably because it is only now that I am exploring the end-game loot-fest that is present with Strike Playlists, Heroic Story Missions and of course the Crucible. It all means that in the past few weeks of playing the game, I’ve taken part in Strikes I never did before, have acquired (thanks to purchasing the first two expansions) my first legendary weapons and armour. Pretty much, I’ve been having a riot yet again with Bungie’s space-FPS-opera.

Beyond the piece I wrote in August about the upcoming expansion and changes to the core game, I’ve only picked up on small bits of news that regularly drops in the various live-streams Bungie have been running recently. I’m not so obsessed by the high-end content in Destiny that I need to know what is happening to different weapons or what new sub-classes are being unlocked. I’m just looking forward to The Taken King and accompanying update that will come to Destiny to streamline the story and quest process, and the promise of a Ghost who might come across as more engaging than Peter Dinkalge’s awkward effort was with the original game.

The only annoyance? I’m on holiday in the week The Taken King launches, so I won’t be able to experience the changes when they come out. I just hope they are as good as they sound. Though even then, they are unlikely to appease everyone.

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