The Team Fortress 2 Spy/Sniper Update

The Team Fortress 2 Spy/Sniper Update


The Spy/Sniper update hit on Thursday night and there was one major complaint, the change to the unlock system. Valve have admitted that there are some problems, but it looks like they will be fixing them soon. Hit the jump for more regarding the update and the unlock system.

The most important thing is for everyone to read the new Team Fortress blog by Erik Johnson, he reveals the reason why the unlock system was changed, explains what was changed and talks about how the new system will be changed going forward. In brief:

– Valve were disappointed with the data on how many people had unlocks under the old system.

– They changed the system so that people are awarded unlocks based on the amount of time they have been playing the game.

– There were some issues which arose when the update hit which has led to the confusion and anger about the new system.

– Before the next class pack Valve aim to introduce item trading (explains the duplicate items) the chance for players to influence the system and what unlocks they get and the addition of more rare items like the hats.

You can hit this link to get a look at some of the hats. If you want to read more about the unlock fiasco (based before Erik told us more) then check out Alec’s post on RPS

So onto the update proper, what do people think of the new unlocks (if you have them), the unlock system and the new maps?

To give my impressions, I think the unlocks themselves are very cool. I unlocked the Huntsmen pretty shortly after playing TF2 earlier today, it took some time to get used to it, but I like it a lot. Phill has been playing around with Jarate and seems to have enjoyed it. I can’t speak for the Spy unlocks myself, but they do look interesting. I may have some more detailed impressions of what the update has brought to the game next week, if you want to play with us then see what we are up to through our Steam group.

One thought on “The Team Fortress 2 Spy/Sniper Update

  1. I wish Valve had waited until the full system was ready, but getting the Huntsman while playing Demo makes it all worth it.

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