The Team

The Team

The team behind The Reticule is ready and raring to go, this is your chance to meet them.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans is the man behind The Reticule, he was involved in the creation of the site originally back in the old days and has brought together this band of scoundrels to lead the site to new levels of quality. You may have spotted him appear on Resolution, and very rarely, Rock, Paper, Shotgun. When things go wrong, point the finger at him.

Kevin McLennan
Kevin is a twenty something resident of Edinburgh, he loves his indie and retro titles as much as the next AAA release. He spends a lot of time on his 360, but occasionally escapes to play on the PC or one of his many retro consoles. Kevin also loves pie.

Steph Woor
Steph has been with the team in the past and rejoined in late 2013 to add a touch on sanity to a wild bunch.

Nick Wheeler
Nick is the family man of the team, he doesn’t have time for a longer bio, he is too busy with his children.

Jon Armer
Jon is a new member of the team, dragged kicking and screaming into writing by Nick and Chris.

Steven Fulton
Steven appears now and again to drop his words of wisdom.

Previous contributors include Ben Borthwick who now freelances for OXM, Michael Johnson who freelances at a variety of sites. Phil Cameron has passed through the doors before starting a freelance career while Tom Senior popped in before taking a seat at PC Gamer.

Other past and part-time contributors include Steve Peacock who is now an author. Lewis Foster, Lily Fox and Dan Ellis have written in the past while Jordan Harling and Andrew Eldridge make the odd contribution when they have the time.

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