Theme Hospital Returns in Two Point Hospital

Theme Hospital Returns in Two Point Hospital

As a young PC gamer, I was a big fan of Bullfrog’s Theme games, though I only owned one myself. I would while away hours on end playing Theme Park, and when my neighbour got Theme Hospital, we would spend our weekends and summer holiday’s laughing at the various illnesses and diseases in the game. They were two great games, though I was always sad that I didn’t own my own copy of Theme Hopsital. Soon, the wait will be no longer as Two Point Hospital will be coming out later this year. Hype!

This re-imagining is coming from Two Point Studios, a British indie formed in 2016 comprised of 16 developers with experience of working on games ranging from Theme Hospital and Theme Park to Fable and Black and White. SEGA have picked up publishing duties, and I don’t imagine they will need to do much leg work to get people interested in this. While there have been plenty of games in the style of Theme Park over the years, the hospital genre has been sadly left destitute. I’m more than happy to see Two Point Hospital on the radar, I’m tempted to pay a visit to see what they can do about my own Light-Headedness!

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