The Great Thief 4 Storyboard Caper

The Great Thief 4 Storyboard Caper

With Deus Ex Human Revolution out of the door and the team behind it presumably enjoying a little rest in between lighter DLC work, all eyes should rightly be on Eidos Montreal’s second team and their big project: Thief 4. Doing the rounds in the last couple of days have been 12 storyboard illustrations apparently from the game, posted on the portfolio of Vancouver-based artist Marlon Deane.

How genuine are they? Well, the entire portfolio has been hastily deleted for one thing. Storyboards from Human Revolution were also available on the site… so there’s a good chance these are a significant find.

Honestly though, aside from suggesting that the fantastic style of the original trilogy’s cutscenes may be retained, there’s not much in this leak other than rooftops, thieving and steampunk. Par for the course in a week when Grand Theft Auto V was revealed to have cars, theft and organised crime. Even despite their now infamous crime against typography, Thiaf‘s developers seem to be on the right track.

Thief 4 was announced to be in development in May 2009, with nothing further mentioned about its potential release date or target platforms.

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  1. Ever played T2X? I’ve just this second remembered it. If you’re even only mildly bothered about finding more Thief to play in the three years it’s probably going to take for Thief 4 to arrive, consider it :)

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