Tiberian Dawn – The Mod

Tiberian Dawn – The Mod

Tiberian Dawn

We may not talk about mods too much here on The Reticule, but every once in a while one comes along and really captures your imagination. Tiberian Dawn is one such mod.

For those that aren’t aware, I did a few PR jobs for the Tiberian Dawn team many moons ago, alas for various reasons I was unable to work with them on a permanent basis. However I still keep tabs on them, and so I was very excited to learn that they have released a new trailer for the mod which aims to recreate the original and classic Command and Conquer using the engine from C&C:3. You can watch the GDI teaser trailer below:

For those of you wanting to see more about this mod I highly recommend checking out their second anniversary blog which features a whole host of great screenies.

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