Time Flies By….

Time Flies By….

Time flies by in some games, the Civilization and Football Manager games especially. Tonight I managed to lose nearly three hours to the lovely Civilization V, lovely because it is by far the best Civ game I have ever played for the simple reason that I find it that much simpler to do what I want in.

Some of the earlier Civ games I played were good, but never really grasped me, Civ IV nearly changed that, but something kept putting me off keeping at it. I think I will be playing number five for a long time to come. I have just been drawn into the ‘Next Turn’ mind-set, I say to myself that I will stop in ten minutes, half and hour later and I finally convince myself to stop once my latest wonder has been built.

Fortunately for me my game has been pretty peaceful so far, when I started I was sharing my continetn with four city states and Greece. I didn’t want to face a battle with Greece down the line when their armed forces were mounting so I seized the initiative and crushed them in the early stages of the game. This left me with two extra cities, my own expanding empire and some city states. This now peaceful continent has allowed me to heavily invest in developing my cities and trade routes with little need to worry about any more conflict.

It is set up just right for me to power on through to a convincing victory through assembling the Space Ship. I may have a few hundred years left before I can start that lofty mission, but I endeavour to do it, hopefully without meeting any more rivals on my way.

That will be another three hours gone soon enough…

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