Time To Die2Nite

Time To Die2Nite

Free to play browser games are all the rage nowadays, you can’t enter a phrase into Google without one popping up saying ‘play me play me!’ Ignore any and all of them, Die2Nite is the game you want to be playing, especially if you like zombies.

I have been swamped with zombies recently, I just finished reading World War Z, I have been watching The Walking Dead, I have listened to Rob Zombie, but more importantly I have been playing Die2Nite, a browser based zombie-survival MMO from French developers Motion Twin.

Die2Nite recently entered a closed English-language beta after a recent successful French beta and it is starting to get quite a bit of attention judging from the number of comments and emails I received asking for more beta keys after our first giveaway.

When you start the game you are assigned to a random town, currently I am in ‘Tense Mounds of Brutes’ which is in its second day and will be facing a new zombie attack any time tonight. With only 37 living citizens and minimal defences we are tough challenge to survive the onslaught. Each town becomes active when 40 citizens enter the town gates, any citizen who dies turns to join the undead.

What makes Die2Nite so special is the interaction the develops between citizens. In Tense Mounds earlier today someone borrowed a trestle from the town Bank. This trestle adds valuable defensive points, as the day progressed more people, the self-styled leaders, started posting and sending messages to the holder of the trestle to return it to the bank to help our survival this night.

It really is quite interesting to see the human relationships spring up through the various town forums in Die2Nite, upon looking at the Global forums you find people posting about their towns that are on their 10th night of survival. You know those towns are the ones where people have taken charge in whatever way possible to construct defences and ensure everybody is working for the greater good.

In turn there are bound to be towns where nobody takes charge, the town gates are left open at night and the zombies run riot killing everyone but that one selfish sod who hoarded and stole all the materials he could find in order to build up the defences for his own home.

Die2Nite has great potential for friendships, backstabbing and many other stories of treachery and solidarity. As the game gets developed further, and players explore the myriad options available to them we will see Die2Nite turn into one of the premier browser based games of this year and next year.

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